2 Quick and Easy Steps (or less!) to Reserve Your Tour

Note that if you need to reserve more than 10 guests, complete step I, and we'll contact you regarding payment. Reservations are a 2 step process. First, fill out the form below. Once complete, you will be given the option to pay with PayPal. If you opt not to pay using PayPal, simply indicate as such on the form and we'll contact you regarding payment. All items marked with an asterisk are required.


You will be contacted with regards to making payment as soon as this form is received. Please note that all fields are required. Please enter your home address, and not your ship in the address line. This is a port requirement, and not a tour requirement.

*NOTE: Itinerary subject to change. Weather and traffic on the island are constantly changing, and sometimes, this requires itinerary changes.

IMPORTANT: You are required to go on the tour assigned to your ship based on its arrival time. You CANNOT reserve a tour that departs at a later time than the one assigned to you. If you enter information incorrectly or show for a later tour this will result in a missed tour and cancellation and a refund will not be issued. Please ensure you enter the arrival time FOR YOUR SHIP and not the time you would like to be picked up if you are reserving a group tour. Click here for the appropriate times.

** All group tours maintain a deposit rate of $5/pp.
*** All private tours maintain a deposit rate of $90 (25% of total price) + $10/pp (25%) for every person over the first 5 people.